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Genoa team is specialized in developing technical and commercial evaluation studies to analyze investment opportunities in ports, terminals and complex logistics infrastructure in Brazil. We aim to support you in your decision-making process to accomplish an investment project in a vibrant, challenging, profitable and valuable market.

  • Identification, evaluation and advicing on acquisition and investiment in new port projects;

  • Identification of synergies between port projects and other logistics projects;

  • Validation of port technical logistics projects;

  • Feasibilityevaluation and implementation of greenfield or brownfield projects, and

  • Monitoring and measurement of investees performance.

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Technical-Commercial Due Diligences for Port Projects

Company's Highlights:

  • Partnership with leading logistics players in Brazil;

  • More than USD 350 million investment in port infrastructure projects supported in 2014-2015

The Genoa Group develops due diligence processes in order to support the investment or acquisition process of port and related infrastructure projects. The due diligence processes includes the following assessments:

Technical-Logistics Studies:


  • evaluation of the operational throughput capacity of the of the port/terminal; ­

  • identification of the critical resources and logistics bottlenecks in the project; ­

  • evaluation of operational versus projected demand ramp-ups; ­

  • determination of the expected terminal service level (SLA); ­

  • risk matrix assessment (EPC); ­

  • evaluation and validation of the CAPEX and OPEX structure.


Commercial-Strategic Studies: ­

  • evaluation of the port hinterland and cargo attractiveness; ­

  • complete logistics infrastructure projects mapping – evaluation of the impact and risks to the project;

  • intra-port and inter-port competition assessment;

  • ­ considerations regarding the terminal / port positioning within its chain study; ­

  • discussion of legal issues and regional and national regulatory environment; ­

  • elevation tariff benchmark and formulations proposition.

New port business prospecting

We create and foment connections between investors and logistics players (port terminals, land-lords, investment funds, banks, tradings, etc.), creating a bridge between the operational and the financial project scopes. Those connections are stablished through the evaluation of the technical and logistics aspects of the project, converting basic engineering project outputs into inputs to the financial-economic models. ­

  • prospecting and identification of business partnerships, support the constitution of consortia; ­

  • prospecting available areas for new projects developments, within and outside the public ports, among other services; ­

  • assistance in the tender proposals, leasing, purchasing, among others.

Technical, Economic, Environmental and Operational Feasibility Studies

The Genoa Group also develops Technical, Economic, Environmental and Operational Feasibility Studies, prepared as required by Brazilian legislation model, including points such as:

  • project motivation; ­

  • conceptual project; ­

  • investments (CAPEX) estimation; ­

  • cargo flow projection,

  • based on cargo demand studies and hinterland evaluation; ­

  • operational costs (OPEX) estimation; ­

  • revenue projection; ­

  • environmental analysis; ­

  • financial-economic analysis.

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